Photo by Brian TietzMy mother is my best friend. Of course that isn’t to say that the relationship has always been sunshine and roses; I can vividly remember moments in my teens when I wished she would disappear. Then there was the time I went off to college and “forgot” to call for weeks. Although there were those moments, there were so many others where she graciously taught me lessons about life.

My grandparents sent my mother to catholic school during childhood until her last year of high school. She never graduated from a university because her parents didn’t believe that (as a woman) sending her to college was important. However, this didn’t stop my mother from working. She began working right out of high school, taking jobs in administration and business before becoming a certified paralegal, where she worked until retiring in early 2012.

I know there were many days where my mother didn’t want to go to work. There were also jobs where her bosses were uncaring and unappreciative of her. Yet, I still can’t remember a day where she didn’t show up and do her best. This is what laid the foundation for my work ethic – to tackle the hard days, to always give my best and to never give up.

Lisa Childhood PhotoBesides teaching me the value of hard work and responsibility, I’ve always admired my mother’s ability to befriend anyone – genuinely accepting people for who they are without judgment. I don’t think I’d be the kind of communicator I am today without her influence. Good communication skills are the key to success in all facets of life.

So on this Mother’s Day (and throughout the month of May), I want to sincerely thank my mother for all the little lessons she’s taught me – for those were the moments that have made all the difference in my life.

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Last night the entire PTE team attended the Florida Public Relations Association (FPRA) Southwest Florida chapter Local Image Award ceremony. The festivities took place in downtown Fort Myers at The Marina at Edison Ford. The attendance was full, the food was divine (salmon crostini’s!) and the stage was set to hand out the awards. After a brief networking portion where many friendly faces were seen, we all sat down to hear the results. The first portion of the award ceremony recognized our local chapter members for their service to FPRA, to the public relations (PR) profession and to the Southwest Florida community as a whole. Our very own Samantha Scott, APR took home the PR Professional of the Year award! After receiving this honor, we couldn’t wait to see what else was in store!


Awards of Distinction, Judges Awards, Image Awards and even Grand Image Awards were doled out last night, and we were thrilled to receive a number of them. Being recognized for all our hard work and dedication to our clients reminded us that the work that we do has an impact and that we should continue to challenge ourselves and keep setting new goals. A full list of the awards that PTE took home is below.

Although we were excited for our entire team, two of our members in particular deserve to be lauded for their efforts. Diana Leadley, our digital marketing coordinator, worked with director of business development and account services, Tiffany Whitaker on a campaign for Pure Florida that took home not only an Image Award, but also a Grand Image Award. Diana started with PTE just a little more than a year ago and has already won her first Grand Image Award! The other team member that stood out last night is Vanessa Fernandez, our communication coordinator. Still working part-time because


she’s a full-time student at FGCU, Vanessa worked alongside her classmates in the student chapter of FPRA to submit a PR campaign that also won an Image Award and a Grand Image Award!

We are so proud of the work that Vanessa and Diana have done and can’t wait to see what the future holds for them. Next up is the FPRA Golden Image Awards, a competition at the state level!











Award of Distinction

PR Programs- Promotional/Marketing

Six Bends Grand Opening

Samantha Scott, APR and Lisa Davanzo


Award of Distinction

PR Programs- Special Events

Six Bends Grand Opening Week

Samantha Scott, APR and Lisa Davanzo


Image Award

PR Program- Institutional

Rise Up- Internship Program

Samantha Scott, APR and Tiffany Whitaker


Image Award

Audio/Visual/Online tools of PR- Online Audience Engagement

Best Catch- Pure Florida

Tiffany Whitaker and Diana Leadley


Grand Image Award

Audio/Visual/Online tools of PR- Online Audience Engagement

Best Catch- Pure Florida

Tiffany Whitaker and Diana Leadley


Image 1

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Exit Blog for PTE Internship

Written By: Kallie Cahill

20150203_105546_copyAs I sit at my desk drafting my final blog post, the first thing I immediately think to do, is change my font to Century Gothic. This is just one of many technicalities that I have been taught at PTE. It may seem minor, but it has immense importance, because in PR you always want to make sure that your messaging aligns with your branding.

Pushing The Envelope has been one of the best internship experiences I could have asked for. I have learned more about the PR and marketing industry in my ten weeks of interning than I have in my four years of college. As a PTE intern, you are set to a high standard and are expected to be the best version of yourself possible. The PTE team gave us the opportunity to learn as much as we could in a short period of time. Every time I came into work I knew my schedule would be filled with tasks to be completed. If I didn’t know how to do something, I learned.

Now that I will be graduating in three weeks, I couldn’t be more thankful for my time spent with PTE. I truly believe that the job interviewers I’ve spoken with recently wouldn’t have spent nearly as much time on me if I didn’t have the experience from Pushing The Envelope. When they asked how I could track the success of a press release, I had an answer. If they asked if I knew how to create content for a blog, I said ‘yes.’ When they asked if I knew how to use excel, I responded with ‘definitely.’ This is all because of Pushing The Envelope. I truly am grateful for the entire team and what they have taught me.

Now, I can confidently go out into the workplace, knowing what I am doing. I will certainly keep the entire Pushing the Envelope team in my heart and remember what I’ve learned as I continue to grow in the PR profession.

Signing off!

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Exit Blog for my PTE Internship

Written By: Alexandra Gold

20150203_105739 copyOver the past 12 weeks, I have gained hands on experience with different aspects of marketing, communications and public relations. I am a marketing major at Florida Gulf Coast University, so I was never exposed to the public relations side of business in my curriculum. My mentor at PTE was the PR specialist and project manager, Lisa. Her guidance has helped me become comfortable with my writing and I will always keep her tips for writing in mind. I wrote my first news release here at PTE and continued to write them throughout my internship, honing my skills and advancing my knowledge. I also got to use my creativity by writing blog posts and developing social media content calendars for clients. I even had the opportunity to sit in on a client meeting to observe the topics discussed. Working in the business environment at PTE has helped me grow as a professional. My business skills are stronger and I feel like I have a better understanding of what I’ve been learning in school. I was able to apply what I’ve been learning in my major to real situations. I would like to thank the entire PTE family for making me feel welcome and for teaching me new skills that will help me in my future endeavors. The past 12 weeks have been extremely rewarding and I wouldn’t trade my experiences at PTE for anything.

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Exit Blog Spring 2015 Internship

Written By: Kayla Chasney



I would like to thank Pushing the Envelope for welcoming me into the company for the past few months. I have gotten more out of this internship then I could have ever imagined. Working in an agency setting has helped me immensely with time management skills and adapting to be more flexible. This new experience has definitely taken me out of my comfort zone, but at the same time has helped me gain confidence in my professional skills. I really have enjoyed being exposed to the communications side of marketing and gaining experience with public relations.

During this internship I have been able to directly apply what I have been learning in class to assist with a variety of clients. For example, I am currently taking a social media marketing class at Florida Gulf Coast University and I have done projects for PTE that mirror exactly what we discuss. I love that I am able to learn in class and then get hands on experience at the same time. College courses can’t prepare you for the ‘real world’ like this internship has.

Pushing the Envelope has helped mold me into a business professional and prepare me for future positions. The mentoring sessions with Samantha have given me great insight and tips for applying for jobs after graduation. Overall, this opportunity has been eye opening and helped give me direction for my future.

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