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Forewarning – shameless plug/request about to ensue… It’s that time of year again. It’s time for your voice to be heard and for the Southwest Florida business community to recognize the best of the best – and we need YOUR help!

Annually Gulfshore Business produces a list dubbed “Best of Business”. This is compiled via votes (each person can only vote once) by community members just like you. We’re a little biased, admittedly, but we think we stand a pretty good chance of being named “Best of Business” for the PR firm category. If you agree, we need your help!

Please vote for us today! Voting ends May 16th.


We strive to not just to meet expectations, but to exceed them in everything we do. No matter how big or small the job, from doing a complete brand design to customizing a client’s Facebook page, we strive for excellence.

Have you worked with us before, or are you just a fan of our blog? Are you a non-profit we’ve assisted? Whatever our relationship, please consider taking 30 seconds to vote for Pushing the Envelope as the Best PR Firm in Gulfshore Business’ Best of Business poll.

We appreciate it. In the end, we owe our success to you!

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Pushing the Envelope, Inc. (PTE) won an Image Award, Award of Distinction and a Judges’ Award at the local Florida Public Relations Association’s (FPRA) Image Awards ceremony on Tuesday, April 22. This is the seventh year in a row that the firm has been honored for outstanding communications campaigns.

PTE won the Image Award for an online engagement campaign, “Get on the Love Boat” produced for Pure Naples, a local marine attraction company. The same campaign also earned the firm a Judges’ Award. The Award of Distinction was received for a presentation produced by and for PTE, which was used at the American International Motorcycle Expo last fall.

An Image Award indicates the work was the best in the category. An Award of Distinction highlights an outstanding public relations program while a Judges’ Award signifies maximum client exposure was achieved through the public relations program for the least amount of money.

The PTE team is so incredibly honored to receive these recognitions and congratulate all of those who also received Image Awards!


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Looking for something to do this summer to enhance your career? Pushing the Envelope, Inc. (PTE) has just the internship for you! Through hands-on training with a fun and dedicated team of communication professionals, you’ll learn the ropes of public relations, social media for businesses, branding, internet marketing, and more.

internImagePTE is an award-winning mixed-marketing communications firm that provides services to clients in a variety of industries, from motor sports to medical, tourism to real estate, and many more. Our goal is to bring our clients into the limelight by increasing their brand awareness, as well as building and maintaining positive relationships with their customers, fans and patients alike.

Working with PTE will equip you with experience of developing and maintaining professional relationships with clients, as well as creating and implementing public relations and social media strategies. We are focused on setting goals, strategizing how to reach those goals and measuring our progress along the way. You will learn what social media marketing entails and dig into a plethora of social media platforms from the business side.

GroupWill you be taking classes this summer? Do you still want to enjoy a little of your summer break? Not to worry. PTE allows flexibility when it comes to your schedule. Our goal is to prepare you for graduation by giving you the opportunity to take what you learn in the classroom and apply it to the workplace.

Pushing the Envelope is currently building their summer internship team, so don’t delay. For more information about the Pushing the Envelope Internship Program, please visit us at


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By Mary Dunn

Marketing and Communications Intern


Attention! The train from Leisure College Station is leaving in five minutes. Destination: Professional, Respectable Adult Metropolis. As someone who has recently been shifting from the leisure college life into the atmosphere of business professionals, mainly the area of marketing and communications, I have received an overwhelming amount of information about social media and the many different outlets for which it can be used. Because we live in a world run by social media where almost everyone, even your grandmother, has a Facebook page, I decided to conduct research on using social media on a personal level versus a professional level.

When using social media on a personal level, we are most likely keeping in touch with people, getting updates, and generally killing time. On a professional level, social media can be used to find new opportunities, learn new information and connect with resources that will help us professionally. Social media can also be used for branding; more specifically, branding ourselves. In high school, I attended an entire lecture on how to create a proper resume; a helpful course indeed, but where was the lecture on creating a proper social media profile? As one branches out into the professional world, it is important to keep your social media profiles in mind as almost any prospective employer is bound to Google you; people can and do conduct global searches for your name! YOU are a brand, and you can’t forget to work on branding yourself.

When evaluating your current social profiles you want to look at if from an employer’s perspective. Here a few steps to review and revise your Facebook profile.

1)   Filter through your photo albums. Any pictures that may have been showcasing your “college” skills are most likely not appropriate and need to be removed.

2)   Check your group memberships. In college, it may have been fun to be a member of the Beer Olympics group. However, now that you are joining the professional world, you will want to remove any unbecoming group affiliations.

3)   “Like” pages and add your interests. Do you enjoy running or taking your dog to the beach? Do you volunteer at the Humane Society or the Boys & Girls Club? If so, add them to your profile. If not, you may want to think about becoming involved in extracurricular activities that build up your resume and add more value to your “brand.”

Things on the Internet live FOREVER, and if you wouldn’t want your boss to see it, then I wouldn’t suggest posting it. When it comes to social media, the boundaries of work and weekend become blurred. Start working on your brand now, and make your profiles as strong as your resume. With the proper mix of personal and professional information, you can portray a strong and memorable digital presence.

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By Richa Srivastava

Marketing and Communications Intern

If you’re a business-owner – whether your company is national or international, online or brick-and-mortar, mom-and-pop or corporation – one thing is certain: your company needs to be active on social media. This is sometimes easier said than done; however, in today’s day and age, social media is critical to the success of many companies, no matter what the industry, and today I want to talk to you about one social media site that is highly underrated: Pinterest.

Before you laugh or throw in the towel and decide Pinterest isn’t for you, let me explain why you should reconsider. According to a post on SocialCompass, image-centric social media sites are on the rise and will succeed in 2014. You may conclude that Pinterest indeed isn’t for you and your company, but let me try to sway your mind before you put your foot down.

Pinterest is a giant, online scrapbook where users can “pin” photos of just about anything onto various pin boards; animals, food, clothing, location; if there’s a picture of it, it can be pinned. Users create different boards to categorize photos they have pinned; for example, my Pinterest includes boards for recipes I want to try, fashion I love, places I want to travel to, etc. Pinterest also allows users to follow people and companies with whom they share the same interests; for example, some of the pinners I follow include my friends, various retailers where I like to shop, and the Food Network for recipe ideas.

For some industries, such as retail, joining Pinterest is a no-brainer; however, if you are in the legal industry, for example, Pinterest may not be the most suitable social media platform for your company. Still, Pinterest is an effective platform that allows customers to visualize what your company entails. In fact, there are several advantages to having a presence on Pinterest. One of the greatest advantages is that user engagement is extremely high, and for companies targeting women, Pinterest can play a tremendous role. According to an article by AdWeek, women trust Pinterest more than Facebook and Twitter. Unlike other social media sites where people strive to have followers, Pinterest is used solely for people to express their interests; followers are an added bonus.

Another advantage is being able to discover your followers’ interests based on their pins and comments they make on pins. For many companies, Pinterest offers free, valuable insight into their consumers’ minds. Pinners can also upload photos and create their own pins. For many businesses, this is helpful because it allows companies to create pins of anything, from food they serve, to animals that are up for adoption, to houses for sale; the list is endless.

Pinterest can also be integrated with a company’s Facebook page, Twitter account, website or blog. Pinterest allows companies to run integrated campaigns across all of their social media platforms. In addition, Pinterest allows users to be linked back to a company or individual’s other social media sites.

Pinterest’s ease of use is a key factor that can play into greater sales for many companies, and hopefully this article helps give some insight on what Pinterest is and why it is a beneficial social media platform. If you are already on Pinterest, or looking to create an account and are unsure of how to obtain more followers, this article is a great place to start. For more information on how to make the most of your Pinterest, take a look at this article from PR Daily!


By Arantza Calligari

Marketing and Communications Intern

“Finding Free Press for your Startup”

Running a startup business is hard enough.  Let free press help move things along.  Press is exceptionally beneficial because it creates credibility, exposure and brand recognition; not to mention, it’s free!  Yet the irony of the “press game” is the fact that some businesses receive no coverage while others effortlessly spread like wildfire.  Luckily, there are three easy steps to follow to guarantee not only free press, but also the right type of press.  These three steps are broken down into the following phases:  the research, the pitch and the follow-up.  When all three phases are performed correctly, it will translate into free press, and quite possibly, positive, long-lasting relationships.

The Research

Research can be intimidating at times, but it’s the key to creating new knowledge and an important part of our three-step process.  Plus, this type of research can be quite fun!  First, begin researching your competitors, who in the media is writing about them and what they are saying.  This will help you grasp a better idea of where you might want to pitch.  After you have researched the competitors, become familiar with the authors.  Similar to dating, you must research those authors and find out their background, read their stories and learn their style of writing.  Now, here comes the crucial part.  You must decide which authors are good matches for you and your startup and which are not.  Once you have your list of authors, you are ready to move on to phase 2, the pitch.

The Pitch

The pitch is the most important part, but once you know your authors, the pitch will come with ease. When starting to plan your pitch, put yourself in the reporter’s shoes, think about what they want to hear and keep it brief.  The best way to approach pitching is by beginning the relationship by asking for advice, which oftentimes boosts their confidence.  Next, offer a good story, something that will be intriguing for reporters, a brand boost for your company and exciting for the readers.  Try to steer away from profile pieces.  Also, before pitching, makes sure you have done the legwork.  In your pitch, make sure to include quotes, reference material and links in regards to your story.  This will drastically reduce the time the author must spend on your story and will dramatically increase your chances of receiving free press.

The Follow-Up

In terms of a follow-up, it’s important to be patient.  The life of a reporter is very hectic, so in your follow-up, make sure you aren’t overbearing, and remember that your relationship with that author should outlast the article.

Other Key tips

Go where the reporters go in their time of need, HARO (Help A Reporter Out).  HARO is a great tool for gaining exposure through free publicity.  Reporters use this tool to find quotes and information from experts and people in particular fields.  This will surely boost your company’s brand awareness in the press and give you the attention you deserve!

The three-step process will assist you in obtaining free press for your start-up; however, if you don’t have the time, leave it to the professionals at Pushing the Envelope.

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By: Samantha Scott, APR
Grand Poobah

Click the logo to view a showcase of the winners

Click the logo to view a showcase of the winners

I am so excited to share this blog entry… of course it’s fun to win, but it’s even more fun to win with your colleagues and clients who were integral parts of the process.

The Suncoast Advertising Federation (local chapter of the American Advertising Federation) held their annual ADDYs awards last weekend and I am pleased to share that PTE took home four awards – one for each entry we submitted! This success was not achieved alone, however. We were honored to work with the ever-talented Christine Rooney on some design components and with clients such as Scott Fischer Enterprises and Monti Firearms.


PTE – Are you ready to push the envelope?
Collateral Piece

pte wins addy


Interested in doing business with PTE? This is our introduction piece that explains what we’re about and how we can help businesses (maybe even yours!) communicate and grow through public relations, branding, Internet marketing, social media strategy and more.



Monti Firearms Website
Consumer Website

pte wins addy monti firearms


Matt Mernin, our Interactive Web Developer and resident graphic designer and our former colleague, Alex Fernandez worked closely with the client to create this unique and very custom website. In fact, it was Matt’s idea to do the private log in coding.






Scott Fischer Enterprises
Story of the Self-Made Man

Belief Doc ADDY Collage


Scott Fischer Enterprises employs more than 200 people and as they continue to grow they need a way to express what the company culture is, where it came from and where the leaders plan on taking it. Introducing, the SFE Belief Document, Story of the Self-Made Man.




Pushing the Envelope, Inc.

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 4.20.16 PM

Matt Mernin is also responsible for the look and feel of our company website and really brought the vision to life. Working with our former colleague Alex and myself, our new website really reflects our company in a unique way.




Awards offer satisfaction, but they also remind us of the hard work that it takes to succeed. We’re proud of these awards and will use them as inspiration to pursue even greater success. Congrats to all the local AdFed ADDY winners, and once again to the PTE team!


Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 10.13.54 AMTo see snapshots of the fun, visit our Facebook photo album.

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CAM00035Hello! My name is Arantza Calligari and I am one of the new interns here at Pushing the Envelope. I am a communications major, with minors in marketing, advertising and philosophy. I attend Florida Gulf Coast University or, if you watched last season of College Basketball, Dunk City!

I am outgoing, competitive, athletic and love being outdoors. My passion in life centers on the ocean and helping others. My favorite activity is combining my two passions and getting involved in causes such as Surfers For Autism, where I’ve helped children and young adults with autism and related special abilities spend the day surfing and enjoying the waters on Fort Myers Beach. I began as a communication major focusing on public relations; since I am always talking, I figured it was a great fit. Yet when I took my first marketing class, I was fascinated with the thought of building and maintaining relationships; I connected it with my passion of helping others.

As I drove to my internship for the first time, I was anxious and exited to apply the principles I had learned in the classroom to real life situations. On my first day, just hearing Samantha and Tiffany talk to each other about upcoming campaigns for their clients was rewarding. What I’ve learned so far is that knowing a marketing principle and knowing how to apply it is completely different. I feel as if I have so much to learn and I couldn’t be in a better place to do it. I foresee ten weeks of non-stop learning, fun projects and great mentors.  I look forward to gaining experience strategically, working with and utilizing social media to reach S.M.A.R.T. goals.

I am so fortunate to have such an incredible opportunity to learn the ins and outs of marketing and communications. I can’t wait to share this experience and everything I learn with you. Lets get pushing!

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CAM00012For the last year, I have kept telling myself that I have time to find a job, and an apartment, and all things related to graduating and truly becoming an adult and a member of the “real world”. As it turns out, a year goes by faster than one thinks. However, on the cusp of graduation, I can find solace in the fact that I am building a strong resume with Pushing the Envelope.

Before I tell you about my internship with Pushing the Envelope, let me give you a quick tour of…well, me! I was born in Bombay, India, but spent the first nine years of my life in Dayton, Ohio. When I was nine years old, my family moved down to Naples, Florida, where we have been ever since. I will be graduating from Florida Gulf Coast University in the spring of this year (2014), with a major in Marketing and a double minor in Advertising and Information Systems & Operations Management. In my free time, I love reading, traveling, binge-watching TV shows on Netflix (it’s kind of a bad habit), spending time with family and friends, doing anything “arts & craftsy”, playing tennis and watching football. After graduation, I hope to work for an advertising or marketing firm, specifically with something involving athletics and social media!

I am so excited to be joining the team at Pushing the Envelope! I truly believe this internship will help me develop my skills, both in the business world and otherwise. For example, this internship will help me hone in on my social skills including how to work with different clients.

Given that my true career passion lies in advertising and anything social media related, I can’t wait to learn more about the influences social media has on how a company does business as well as the different ways to successfully apply social media on a professional – as opposed to personal – level. In addition to learning more about social media marketing, I am also excited to be exposed to other components of marketing that I know less about, such as PR, branding, copywriting, as well as web design and development. This internship will help me become a well-rounded marketing professional. I think it’s safe to say that when May 10th rolls around, I will have the knowledge I need to walk across the graduation stage with confidence in my ability to pursue my passion in marketing and advertising!

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CAM00009On one of the foggiest mornings I’ve seen in the two years I’ve lived in Fort Myers, FL, I drove to my first day as an intern at Pushing the Envelope. Looking back, it feels like I have been driving here for the past two years, as there were many detours along the way.

As a young girl, I saw silly commercials and terrible magazine adds thinking, “I can do better than this.” Never did I think that could possibly be something I would want to pursue as an actual career. With much trial and error, and possibly more than a few changes in my chosen major, I have finally found what I am passionate about and am excited to be learning from people who share my same passions.

This is actually my second dip in the marketing intern pool; previously doing two summers as an intern in the marketing department at Moss and Associates, a very successful commercial construction company. However, my experiences there were a very different type of marketing. I am interested in exploring the other avenues of the industry, such as the use of social media, branding, public relations and website analytics. After doing my own research, I couldn’t think of any better place for me to learn the ins and outs of mixed-marketing.

Finally, here I am eager to soak in all they have to offer and teach. As a very impressive company, I know that all they have to instill in me will only help me to thrive in the future world of marketing. I hope to take every day here as a new learning experience and never a routine. I am very grateful for this opportunity and would like to thank Samantha, Tiffany and everyone at Pushing the Envelope for taking their time to teach my internship team and me.

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