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By Diana Leadley

Digital Marketing Coordinator


Facebook Is Doing What Again?

Third time is a charm! Starting in the beginning of the 2015 New Year, Facebook is changing its algorithm once again, this time making an impact on businesses that advertise through the social media platform. This particular algorithm will limit the number of promotional posts that appear on users’ pages. Facebook had a similar and fairly recent change, but the difference in this algorithm is that it’s not only regulating the number of ads a person can see, it is recognizing and monitoring promotional posts.

Example posts are those that push people to buy a product or install an app, enter promotions and sweepstakes and posts that repeat the same content from ads. So the next time you want to post about the super savings going on at your store next weekend, Facebook will recognize it as content that could potentially make users unhappy.

Why Is This Happening?

After asking hundreds of thousands of Facebook users their thoughts on content in their News Feed, Facebook determined that users would rather see stories posted by friends and Pages they care about, with less pushy, sales posts. This is all a part of Facebook’s goal to show users what they want to see.

Not My Page, Though, Right?

Yes. Unfortunately, this change is affecting all businesses on Facebook, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and I’ll tell you why. A company’s true key to success is exceptional customer service. If you can connect, engage with and satisfy your customers, you will stay top of mind and keep them coming back. But, while this change may keep Facebook users happy, it can cause marketers a headache and add to their budget.

Keep reading to find out just what kind of content will keep your fans wanting more…

How to Connect with Page Fans:

We know this is not news you want to hear, but it’s also not the newest of news, as Facebook has changed its algorithm before to cut back the amount of promotional posts users see in their feed. But please don’t give up on Facebook marketing for your business just yet! This platform provides an incredible, easy-to-update (and free) way to establish online presence for all businesses, large and small.

At Pushing the Envelope, we don’t necessarily view this as a bad thing. Think of it as an opportunity to focus on customer relations – building relationships with your page fans and connecting with them on a personal level, rather than filling up their news feed with sales and discounts on your product or service. While purchasing ads will bring more traffic to your page, the rest of your content should emotionally connect with your audience. So, how will you engage with your fans and keep them coming back? Your content focus and strategy will need to change, and Facebook has provided some best practices for businesses.

If marketers want to reach customers they are going to have to pay to play and start buying ads. Step one for these businesses would be to create a new marketing strategy – don’t be afraid to pay for ads every now and then. By investing in ads you have the ability to grow your business’ value. Did you know that most online advertising only reaches 38% percent of its audience? Don’t limit yourself to such a small percentile – invest in ads! Even a dollar a day will drastically increase your audience reach and ultimately lead to engagement and sales leads.

How PTE can help:

PTE and its social media guru team will put together a marketing strategy, from the ad itself to budgets, audience targeting, monitoring, reporting and more to increase your Facebook page reach and engagement. Visit us at getpushing.com to find out more, and of course, ‘Like’ us on Facebook!

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Matt Mernin

By Matt Mernin

Interactive Web Developer


If there’s one thing you can count on with Facebook, it’s change. Your page may have already been updated, but if not, you will eventually receive a notification (as seen pictured on right), allowing you to update immediately, or wait until the date noted. When this change occurs, there are a few things to note.

In this blog post, I’m going to discuss a few of the most noticeable updates that Facebook page admins can expect to see and some steps you may need to take to adjust properly to the update.

Updated Page Timeline Design

In the current Facebook timeline, an overview of the page manager appears at the top.  That section is where admins can see all of their posts, messages, and pages to watch, to name a few. Rest assured the data you normally see will still be available, but will be accessed differently. With the latest Facebook update, there will be a new menu going across the top of your page with the options: Page, Activity, Insights, and Settings. Below is a quick reference for finding all the data you’ve grown accustomed to seeing:

FB Headings

FB Apps

  • Page – This is the default landing page when your Facebook page loads. You will see pretty much everything as the previous page (current as of May 30, 2014), but with a couple things moved around. For instance, if you have page apps or tabs installed, these can now be found on the left side of your timeline, below the “About” section.
    The center of the timeline will be the News Feed, where you’ll find all of the posts published by your business. On the right, you will notice a shortcut menu showing the current week’s activity, such as Page Likes, Post Reach, and message notifications. Each one of these options is interactive and show more details when you hover your mouse over them.
  • Activity – This page is where all of your messages can be seen, as well as your page notifications.
  • Insights – Here is where you will find all of the data associated with your page with a new sub-menu that appears below the new manager menu. By default the sub-menu option is the summary, including: page likes, post reach, engagement, your most recent posts, and pages to watch. For a more drilled down version of your Facebook Page Insights, you can either click on the title of each section, or simply click on the other options of the sub menu which are: Likes, Reach, Visits, Posts, and People.
  • Settings – This is you can access all of your Facebook page settings that would previously be accessed by clicking the Padlock icon in the top blue bar. This page includes everything from General settings and privacy to apps associated with your Facebook Page.

Updated Cover Photo Format

Wait, another cover photo change? Really?? Not to worry, though. The change only affects how you should display the content on the photo, not the actual photo size. Here is a quick guide to help with making the conversion.

As I just mentioned, the Facebook cover photo dimensions are staying the same at 851 x 315 pixels, so there no need to change the size. Like the previous version, you the Facebook profile picture will still overlay the cover photo, so keep this in mind when you design it. See example below.

Old FB Cover

In the new June 2014 Facebook cover photo, there are a few things that can affect the design. Previously, the company information was displayed below the cover photo. As you will see in the next example below, the company information is now overlaying the image. In addition, there will also be a few buttons floating on the cover photo. All of these changes may affect your current Facebook cover photo designs, so be aware and adjust accordingly.

New FB Cover

To help with your design needs I’ve put together a Cover Photo Template in Photoshop, and can be downloaded here. Just make sure to hide the layer labeled “hide this layer”.

If all of these changes are causing you to experience difficulty breathing or dizziness, then take a slow deep breath because Pushing the Envelope is here to help. For any of your social media needs, Facebook or otherwise, we have a staff dedicated to all things web-marketing-related for your business’ online needs! Call us at (239) 221-2858, or contact us on our website at http://getpushing.com/contact-us/.

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By: Zach Goodchild

Intern Extraordinaire

Today we’re taking a little tangent into the world of music as Zach, our Intern Extraordinaire, applies social media and online branding as it relates to the music industry. Enjoy!

In the current music business landscape, it’s never been a better time to be an independent musician and have the ability to reach your fan base and appease the masses.  Want to release one song every week to build up anticipation for an up and coming project you have been working so hard on?  How about delivering a mind-blowing music video or a behind the scenes look at your recording process to help promote your new single?  What are you waiting for?! GO FOR IT!  Websites like SoundCloud and of course, YouTube provide musicians with free promotion.  Your career is ultimately in your hands with all of the available resources in the land of the Internet.

Musicians have to be multifaceted with their work and careers, or at least have a team behind them that can maintain and provide assistance on the digital end.  Properly utilizing a Facebook fan page, and your official Twitter account is going to keep your current fan base engaged, help attract the new fans you desperately need, and more importantly, keep you relevant in your respected genre.  When fans can see that you respond to their questions, engage in conversation and are accessible, they are more inclined to pay attention and receive your material on a consistent basis and in the long run, possibly even purchase your music when its for sale in the iTunes store or on the shelves at Best Buy.  (The same is true for businesses!) Musicians have the ability to cross promote new music, videos and promoting future shows and events all through their social networks.  You share it, and the fans will share it as well.  It’s all about paying it forward, folks.

I reached out to one of my peers to get his take on this topic.  He is a person with a passion for the music business, and has a strong stance when it comes too engaging with a current and new fan base.  I bring in the people’s champ, Ben Witherspoon, founder of Your Next Fan and music consultant based out of Orlando, Florida.  Ben states “The Internet has made it easy for musicians to share more media than ever before. Social media marketing is at the forefront for most musicians when it comes to fan engagement. From the biggest artists in the world like Jay-Z, to the kid sitting in his dorm room writing lyrics, nearly every artist has social media as a priority in their marketing plan. And the best part about social media? It’s free! Sure it takes time to develop strategy and to keep your sites updated, but social media can be done without having a large effect on musician’s shrinking marketing budgets. Musicians have to go where their fans are, and their fans are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr and Vine.”

So by now, you should have a clear understanding of the message I am delivering here. I hope this has provided you with that spark to get things moving on your digital and social image.  As I wrap things up I leave you with this… Musicians, find ways to build and keep relationships, use the available resources to your benefit, continue to hustle and share your gift and talents with the world.  Nobody ever said it would be easy, you’re on the road less traveled; try to have at least one thing that makes sense… your digital image.

Until next time, this is Zach, signing off.

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By: Alex Fernandez

Internet Marketing Strategist

Over the past few weeks, many of us have seen business timelines posting something to the effect of “adjust your interest lists because Facebook is pushing people to paying to promote posts.”

First, this is a completely false rumor, and we’ll explain why – but more importantly:

The visibility of your brand’s social media posts is up to you!

So, about these silly posts (that will make your brand look silly if you share):

“Add to Interest Lists” is not a ploy that Facebook has developed to gain more advertising dollars. It’s a feature that allows users to conveniently organize their connections into different interests. This was necessary in order to remain competitive to popular features of Twitter and Google+. This is a convenient feature for users, and it’s completely optional.

You can also check out Facebook’s official explanation of Interest Lists, here.

One thing that Facebook openly admits is that the news feed is discriminating. A minority of posts actually find their way into a users news feed, because every past user action is taken into consideration when news feed content is generated: Who the user “likes,” what posts they “like” or comment on, or anything they click on in general. Another thing worth mentioning is yes, you can advertise to increase visibility via promoted posts, etc. There’s nothing wrong with that approach.

SO! How can you appear in your audience’s news feed more often, without paying for ads? Many companies are beginning to offer a service called “News Feed Optimization.” What this boils down to is posting engaging content that encourages user action – something we’ve always promoted and adhered to. Here are few tips, without “giving away the farm” as they say ;) .

  1. Engage your audience with your posts, by ASKING them for a reply or action.
    1. Like or Share
    2. Enter a caption for an image
  2. Social media is becoming more and more visual!
    1. Photos and videos get more engagement than text
    2. Consider incorporating Instagram and/or Pinterest in your social effort
  3. Time your posts to when your audience is online.
    1. “Dead times” or “slow times” for B2B audiences
    2. Nights and weekends for certain consumer audiences
  4. Publish simple posts that can easily be shared.
    1. Images, memes, and other visual content with mass appeal
    2. Use questions and surveys
  5. Leverage contests or sweepstakes that encourage viral sharing.
    1. Voting contests
    2. Contests offering additional incentive to share

At PTE – we do not offer a service called “News Feed Optimization”. That would be a disservice to you. We do everything we can to improve news feed visibility for all of our social media clients, all the time. That’s the way it should be.

I’ll end with a question: Are you doing all you can to get noticed in your audience’s news feed? Contact us if you have any questions about social media marketing at 239.221.2858 or Info(at)getpushing.com.

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Susan Frantz Online Communication Assistant

By: Susan Frantz

Online Communication Assistant

It’s beginning to feel a little bit spooky over here at PTE! Since we are in the Halloween spirit we thought we would share with you some “scary facts” about Social Media

3 Spooky Social Media

Negative reviews really impact the consumer.

Did you know that about 80% of consumers will change their mind about purchasing, booking, scheduling, etc. if they see even a single negative review? This is why it is so important to constantly manage all of your social media channels in order to respond promptly and address what ever issues the negative reviewer might have.

Social media leads to lead generation for B2C and B2B.

You may already know that Facebook is the largest and most effective social media channel, but did know that 77% of B2C marketers have gotten customers through Facebook. For B2B companies, it was reported by marketing charts that 65% companies who used LinkedIn acquired customers. This is scary good news.

Tweet it out.

Twitter is one of the fastest growing social media outlets. 8% of the United States uses Twitter with 460,000 people creating a new account daily.  There are 200 million members of the “twittersphere” and 24% of those users are checking their tweets several times per day. With numbers like these it’s no wonder that 72% of U.S. companies are tweeting!

We hope these spooky facts have helped you to understand just how global social media is. One small review can affect what millions of people are seeing, and one fan can help to draw in multiple more.


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